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Hydraulic PITA ejiji Akụkọ TYE Z-JTL-4

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  Hanger is 201 stainless steel, adjustable height, length 123CM, thickness 1.0mm. Hangers are equipped with braided ropes to facilitate the fixation of pets. Their length is 50cm. The underframe is composed of square iron pipes with a thickness of 1.0mm   Freight number Product size(CM) Packaging size Packing number Gross / net weight 40HQ HS coding JTL-4 108*60*(57-92) A:111*62*4CM B:96*58*53CM 2 16/14.5 145 94029000 Packing 5-layer carton, corner protection...

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Hanga bụ 201 igwe anaghị agba nchara, kemeghi elu, ogologo 123CM, ọkpụrụkpụ 1.0mm. Hangers na-onwem na braided ụdọ ikwado fixation nke anu ulo. Ha ogologo bụ 50cm. The underframe emi esịnede square ígwè ọkpọkọ na a ọkpụrụkpụ nke 1.0mm


Freight nọmba

Product size (cm)

packaging size

mbukota  number

Gross / net arọ 40HQ HS nzuzo


108 * 60 * (57-92)

A: 111 * 62 * 4CM  B: 96 * 58 * 53CM


16 / 14.5 145 94029000


5-oyi akwa katọn, nkuku nchedo, afụ akpa, ụfụfụ, na-echebe


Desktop 1.8CM njupụta osisi. Pagoda mgbochi ileghara mgbochi static roba. Naịlọn clip, na a suspender.


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