Benefits of Dog Grooming Tables

The table automatically puts your dog at a convenient height for grooming. You don’t have to learn over or try to awkwardly groom your dog while he or she is in your lap. Instead, the grooming table puts the dog at the perfect height for grooming.

Virtually all dog grooming tables come with some type of non-slip surface – don’t purchase one unless there is ribbed padding or some type of cover that is easy for your dog to grip. Your dog will be wet and can slip and slide if the surface isn’t safe. Additionally, many grooming tables come with a metal arm and noose that can be used to keep your dog safely in place during the grooming.

Step on, step off
With either hydraulic or electric dog grooming tables, you can lower the table almost all the way to the floor. This is a great feature for a dog that’s heavy or is feeling a little panicky or stressed. Instead of using force to carry the dog to the grooming location, you simply use a leash to walk the dog onto the table. When the grooming is over, lower the table and have the dog walk off.


Post time: Aug-09-2018
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